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The FIE Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the fund. It is a mixed body of state and non-state actors, a forum for dialogue and dialogue for FIE action towards the interests of all stakeholders in the environment sector.

The supervisory and control authority of all the organs of the fund to ensure the execution of its public service mission. As such, he:

  • rule on any question submitted to it and assume responsibility for decisions taken collectively; 
  • review and approve business programs and budgets, loan issuance conditions and financial statements; 
  • adopt the fund's procurement plan;
  • fixes, if applicable, general rates for the sale of goods and services produced by the fund;
  • authorizes the Chief Executive Officer to give or lease any movable and immovable property;
  • set the eligibility conditions for financing the fund and the conditions for granting financial support;
  • examines and rules on requests for funding exceeding the threshold delegated to the Financing Committee;
  • recruits the DG (subsequently appointed by decree of the Council of Ministers, unless there is a derogation), sets its objectives contract, carries out its annual evaluation and proposes, if necessary, its revocation. 
  • The FIE Board has nine (09) members representing both state and non-state actors.


Representatives of state actors


1. Representative of the Ministry in charge of Finance and President of the Board

1. M. Issa YONABA




 2. Representative of the Ministry in charge of the Environment

2. M. Y. Gontran SOME



Mr Y. Gontran SOME

 3. Representative of the Ministry in charge of Decentralization

Administrateur LINKONE


Mr Boukaré LINKONE

4. Representative of the Permanent Secretariat for the Coordination of Agricultural Sector Policies (SP / CPSA)

Administrateur OUEDRAOGO




Representatives of non-state actors


5. Representative of Territorial Communities (Association of Municipalities of Burkina Faso)

5. M. Mahamady SAVADOGO


Mr Mahamady SAVADOGO

6. Representative of Civil Society (Permanent Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations)

 6. M. Oumarou CISSE


Mr Oumarou CISSE

7. Representative of the industrial private sector (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Administrateur BAGAYOGO



 8. Representative of the rural private sector (Confédération paysanne du Faso)

 Administrateur DAO


Mr Bassiaka DAO


Representative of Technical and Financial Partners Abounding the Fund


 9. Representative of Luxembourg cooperation





Also participating in the meetings of the FIE Board of Directors, as observer members:


1. A representative of the technical and financial partners under the sectoral dialogue framework on rural development, food security and the environment (Swedish Embassy)

10. M. Bjorkdahl GORAN



Mr Björkdahl GORAN

2. A representative of the Ministry in charge of mines

11. M. Ousmane BARBARI



Mr Ousmane BARBARI

3. A representative of the financial supervision under the structure responsible for monitoring national funds

 12. Mme Biba Corinne NIKIEMA KONSEIGA



Internally, the FIE has an Internal Auditor attached to the Board of Directors, to whom it reports on the quality of the management of the General Management.