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The Funding Committee is supported in its funding choices by "Thematic Committees". These committees, with a mixed and enlarged composition, ensure the orientations and the final choices of financing of projects (except threshold of the CA). The Funding Committee verifies the procedures and validates the proposals of the Thematic Committees.

Thematic Committees also provide technical guidance for calls for projects and the final choice of projects to be financed. The objective is to ensure coherence upstream (orientations) and downstream (choice of funding) with the sectoral policies concerned by each thematic fund. At the same time, the challenge is also to ensure consultation and transparency in these funding choices by involving stakeholders from the sectors concerned.

Each Thematic Committee is dedicated to a thematic fund. These correspond to the five (05) counters of the FIE. Thus, the following thematic funds are set up:

  • Environment and Living Environment Fund
  • Risk and Disaster Response Fund
  • Forest and Wildlife Fund
  • Fund "Natural Resources Management Soils and Waters"
  • Fund for the promotion of sustainable practices in the productive sectors and energy


Each thematic committee has its own composition of 10 to 15 people. The composition is mixed, with as many representatives of public actors as non-public actors.