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In line with the provisions on state funds, the FIE has a National Funding Committee. Its role in state funds is to review and approve the fund's funding applications (under a minimum threshold and a maximum threshold).

As part of the FIE, the Funding Committee relies on thematic committees on the technical level. As such, he:

  • ensures the coherence of the proposals of the thematic committees;
  • plays a role of consolidation and global vision of the funding to be allocated;
  • consolidates the proposals of the thematic committees to ensure that the FIE funding is allocated in line with its objectives and priorities.

If necessary, it can correct the funding allocated to better stick to these sectoral and multisectoral frameworks (ie to validate more projects in one or another counter rather than another).


The FIE Funding Committee is composed of the Chair of the Board, two other members of the Board and the CEO of the Fund. He can be assisted by one or two FIE staff.