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The Regional Committee (RC) is a joint body of the Environmental Intervention Fund (FIE). The RC plays a role of regional orientation and proposals for the allocation of FIE funding for projects and activities within its areas of intervention within each region. It is also a forum for consultation between local actors on priorities and actions to be financed.

The purpose of the regional committees is to involve local (regional) actors in the choices that concern them on the environmental level, on the basis that they are better able to know their problems, their priorities or the promoters of projects in their areas. regions.

Their attributions are as follows:

  • provide regional direction for calls for projects;
  • facilitate coordination with projects / programs in the fields covered by the FIE;
  • preselect projects submitted: allocate funding to projects <10 million FCFA and pre-allocate funding to projects> 10 million FCFA; based on the preliminary analyzes of the experts;
  • monitor FIE interventions in the region (including monitoring of funded projects).


A regional committee is composed in a mixed way, with as many representatives of public actors as non-public actors. The DR FIE is a statutory member and ensures reporting. The regional committee may invite any resource person deemed useful for its discussions. In particular, the committee will systematically invite projects / programs in areas financed by the FIE in the region.