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The importance attached to the monitoring and control of fiduciary risk implies setting up an internal structure dedicated to this function, especially with regard to the financial management of projects by the promoters.

Thus, a Management and Fiduciary Risk Management Committee chaired by the Chief Executive Officer is set up. It brings together the Operations Department, the Reporting and Evaluation Department, the Finance and Accounting Department, the Management Controller and the Internal Auditor.

This committee has the following roles:

  • confirm or classify projects in red / orange / green according to the quality of their management;
  • ensure a close follow-up of projects classified red or orange
  • Examine problem projects and decide on the follow-up (see next sub-procedure);
  • follow the progress of the follow-up to be given concerning these problem projects;
  • analyze the main fiduciary risk factors and improve the points of detection, monitoring and response to problems (promoter management procedures and / or FIE monitoring / control system).