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The environmental intervention fund wants to be more operational throughout the national territory. He proceeded to the official installation of the members of his South West Regional Committee. The ceremony was chaired by High Commissioner Poni Joseph Ram Kafando representing the Governor of the Southwest Region.

The intervention fund for the environment is a state fund created by the law n ° 006-2013 / AN of the 02 April 2013 bearing the code of the environment. On Thursday, October 10, the fund officially installed members of the Southwest Regional Committee.

The regional committee of the fund is composed of sixteen members and chaired by the governor. This committee plays mainly a role of regional orientation and proposals of allocation of the financing for the projects and activities coming under the field of intervention of the fund. In other words, it aims to finance projects initiated and implemented at the local level by promoters from civil society, NGOs, local authorities, public administration or the private sector for the protection of society. environment, "Nestor B. Kini, regional director of the western environment intervention fund, said.

After their installation, the members of the regional committee were given three communications. This is the presentation of the FIE, the missions and attributions and the prospects and actions of the fund.


For High Commissioner Poni Ram Joseph Kafando representing the governor, the creation of such a fund is to be welcomed. According to him, this fund will fight against the adverse effects of climate change, but also to fight against poverty.

In 2017, two major projects will be implemented for the benefit of the people of the west. These include the launch of a third call for funding at the six administrative regions, and funding from the African Development Bank to promote the cashew nut sector.

Since the existence of this project, the environmental intervention fund has two calls for projects, 170 projects in progress for 2 billion CFA francs in three regions, and the forthcoming opening of the regional directorates of the environment. sahel, from the east and the center.

Dalou Mathieu Da, Regional correspondent

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